What’s new about today?


We are at that time of the year where WhatsApp messages in forms of broadcasts, “new year, new me” and other resolutions and goals for the next 365 days of the Gregorian calendar year are active and hyped.
Many who haven’t gone to the church through the year would go because they want to cross over to the new year “in the presence of the Lord”. Amidst all these, we need to ask, what does make the year new?
In Genesis 1:14-18, we see the lights mark the times and seasons, separate day from night and basically help us mark time.
As the years go by, that’s all a lot of people do; just mark time and why, we’re excited 365 days just went through and excited another set is about to begin usually because society informed us its an avenue to celebrate ( I mean, we live in a nation were everything is a cause to party).
So we answer the question, what’s actually new about the new year? In all honesty, there’s nothing new about the new year in itself, it’s just a change of dates but however, the new year does offer opportunities to be new.
Albert Einstein said, “its insanity to do the same things and expect a different result”. Indeed it is. However, as plain as a change of dates is, a change of attitude can mean a whole lot.
Imagine taking the next 365 days to doggedly pursue your dreams, ambitions, growth and passion whole others have just a change of date? You could actually have a better or relatively a “new” you.
As the days go by, its expected that wisdom be applied. It is foolishness to allow each day to pass in futility without giving self to grow.
One great thing time gives us, no matter who you are is an equal opportunity to invest or squander however we want to.
Be bold about profitable decisions in the new year.
Don’t just give into the hype of the new year but give in to the desire and the drive to emerge a new/better you by the end of 365 days.
365 days are quite short to waste, to snooze on your dreams, to hold on to old habits, to defend toxic relationships and to give up on your dreams. Pray more, read more, do better, more.
Prayerfully prepare for this new year, revisit your resolutions again and again till you’re following them through, plan in line with prophecy and work hard.
In conclusion, don’t be carried away by the distractions the next 365 days hold, remember time gives us equal opportunities and ultimately, there’s nothing new in the new year only investments in self could make you grow and relatively new.

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