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It’s awesome to want to know that bible for yourself; I’m guessing that is why you are reading this post. However, there are a couple of things you might still be doing wrong, even after putting away you misconceptions.
One thing you might be doing wrong is;

Cherry Picking.

Cherry Picking is a situation where you pick a portion of scriptures and throw the other away, especially if it doesn’t suit you.

For example, The popular passage that goes, ‘The wage of sin is death’, most preachers are probably trying to instill fear in the hearts of their members and so they stop there.
That is an incomplete sentence.

The way of sin is death BUT the gift of God is eternal life (Romans 6:23).

Cherry Picking would give you a lot of trouble, because you’ll continue perching everywhere and keep losing the train of thoughts of the writer.

Remember, ALL scriptures are given for doctrine……, So to understand something, you have to read pretext, post text and sometimes, other text, to understand the context.

Over Generalization.

Over generalization is a situation where you personalize every and anything you see in the bible.

Not every word you see in the bible is directly related to you.

If not, why don’t you kill lambs to attorn for your sins.

Or, why don’t follow the law of Moses that forbad mixed farming.

Even in the new testaments, some things doesn’t concern us.

You can read them and know them for reference sake, but you really don’t have to include yourself.

The Epistles for example are letter written to people most times to address an issue, were you there? How then does it concern you?

Only when ‘saints’ or ‘believers’ are mentioned, should you give it extra attention.

Before putting yourself in what doesn’t concern you, ask yourself the 4As of bible study, which i would discuss in my next post.

Over Symbolization.

Any small thing, Rhema!! You’ll most likely run into error.

The bible, like i told you is not essentially spiritual.

Stop trying to look for a supernatural place in every verse you read; it’ll cause you a lot.

Even the greatest mystery; that God would become man and die for us and it’s implications; we properly understand and can explain it.

Don’t give yourself headaches, especially in the case of a vision seen by somebody. It’s not your vision; you did not see it; The seer did not explain it to you; how then do you give meaning to it?

Random Selection.

I can totally relate with this.

I used to hear people say ‘The holy spirit led me to this scripture’ and i wanted to try it.

So, I’d say “Dear holy spirit, I’m about to read my bible, lead me”. Then i close my eyes, randomly open a page and that’s where I read. That was my bible study plan. You can see how disturbing that is?

I ran into error very quickly.

Like i said earlier, you have to read pretext, post text and sometimes, other text, to understand the context.

The best ways I always recommend are Topical or By Books.
Topical as in, Search the bible for every where a certain topic is addressed and study it.
By Books as in, Start from the Epistles, and study a book critically, move to the next, do same.

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