Did Jesus Really Rise Again- 2.

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Can you already tell that Christianity isn’t scam and I stan for it till death!!?

No? let’s examine some other theories that says Jesus never resurrected.

5.) Hallucination Theory.

This theory suggests that everyone that saw Jesus after his resurrection, was either hallucinating or had an illusion. However, this theory contradicts the psychological principles governing the occurrence of hallucination. According to 1st Corinthians 15: 6, Jesus appeared to over 500 people at the same time and according to the psychological principle, it is impossible for 500 people to have seen the same thing.

It’s not credible to think that over 500 people saw the same illusion and some, afterwards, were willing to die for it.

Also, if they were hallucinating, Jesus’s body would have still been in the tomb.

6.) Swoon Theory.

This one says that Jesus never died, he merely fainted from exhaustion and loss of blood.

It claims that everyone thought he was dead, but he later resuscitated and the disciples thought of it as resurrection.

In Mark 15: 44, a centurion checked to see if Jesus was dead. A centurion is a person in charge of roman soldiers. He was a leader in the great and powerful roman empire, who was trained to subdue anyone who disturbed Rome. Crucifixion was a capital punishment and if the soldier was wrong in determining if Jesus was dead, he would have been severed.

Jesus did die and was stabbed with a spare to confirm that.

More so, the soldiers went scout free.

7.) Moved Body & Relocation Theory.

The body was moved by the authorities to a different tomb, they say. That doesn’t make much sense, because, if the authorities knew where the body was, the would have simply brought it out.

The relocation hypothesis gained support from the fact that reburial was common in ancient Palestine but Jewish tradition begs to defer.

The Jewish tradition was to bury a body for one year and then remove the bones and place them in an ossuary, after it deteriorates. The lack of evidence to support this claims, both biblical and non biblical, immediately discards the theory of relocated body.

Worthy of note also, is that the absence of Jesus’s body from the grave was able to convince only John, out of the thousands of people that believed. People believed only after they saw him alive. It was the appearance of Jesus that transformed men who went into hiding, after his death, to those who all gave their lives for this same faith, after his resurrection.

Well, it seems like we have some strong points here.

Jesus not only existed but he died and rose again. This forces us to really consider Christianity.

Jesus rising from the dead after three days wasn’t impossible. I mean, he was beat up to the point where his back tore open and you could see his spine and tissues, then, nailed to a cross.

The resurrection isn’t something that can be swept under the rug.

Guess what? He did it all for you. When Jesus was on that Cross, it was you he had in mind. He died for your sins; he took your place and you died also in him. When he rose, conquering death, you were justified. Your sins are gone. You are free!

Jesus did all these for your sake and here’s what he says, believe.

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