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Nah!!!! Don’t frown yet, I’m not talking of all those stuff you think…Notice I didn’t say ‘spiritual’, Cause you’re essentially a spirit being.
You know all those conscious efforts you put into growing spiritually? They are ‘religious.’

You can’t be spiritual and not be religious..okuurr? Okay!

So, if you read about me, among other things, you’d have seen that I’m a mass communication student of covenant university.
It’s usually nice to say, until you start spending half of your money on assignments; going out of school regularly; having annoying extra classes; meeting up with lecturers demands, amongst other things.
Aside being a mass communication student, I have other responsibilities like creating content for some social media pages I’m handling; creating content for this blog; chaplaincy duty, and of course, I have myself to improve upon and food to eat (because I cannot come and kill myself😂😂), all which I must be diligent in.
So, when exactly do I read my bible, Pray, Talk to the holy spirit, etc.

You see, *rubs palm*, spiritual growth has to be an intentional and conscious decision, one that you have to be wise about.

1.) Triumph30 Devotional
My church has a platform for helping people grow spiritually; developing a culture of prayer.

Everyday, at 6am and 8pm, people are assigned to lead devotions for 30 minutes. There, we pray and briefly study the devotional.

This might not mean much to you yet, until you’re praying 7 hours a week and 30/31 hours a month.
Believe me, this takes a little of your data, but would really help you develop a culture of prayer.
Plus, it’s a form of fellowship with other Christians.
All you have to do is to connect and pray on the go.
Also, I try as much as possible to read the devotional beforehand.
2.) Sermons Sermons Sermons
For me; probably cause I’ve not really had time to listen to a lot of preachers’ sermons, I don’t listen to a lot of people.
In fact, I listen to Pastor Emmanuel Iren of Celebration Church most of the times; Pastor Mayowa of Celebration Church and Pastor Oge of Circle Church
So, I’m probably dressing up for a class or walking to one, I plug-in and listen to a sermon.
I try as much as possible to listen to a message every day. Sometimes, it spills into about two to three days, but I eventually finish it, cause it’s really easy to just plug-in your earpiece almost anywhere!
3.) ALL my friends are spiritual.
I’m not saying I don’t talk to people who aren’t saved yet…but you wouldn’t naturally find me sitting with them laughing and saying words that aren’t seasoned with grace.
Honestly, do not be deceived, evil communication corrupts good manners…Spiritual friends ‘eradicates bad manners’.
We can literally run into each other, just flip and start spurring ourselves unto good works; speaking words of encouragement, etc
Your friends know when you’re not doing things right (unless you pretend like everything is fine; then you’re just tired😂😂) and can talk to you and follow-up!
Like, friends are so so so so important.
Even the bible says two are better than one.
p.s, Remember, I’m already saved, so I’m not doing those things to be saved, but to grow in knowledge and revelation.

Good works are not a prerequisite for salvation, but a product of it.

What did you learn?
Further explanations? My comment box is for you.
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For now,
Stay Shinny.
With Unconditional Love,

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