Hey September, Bye August.

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Happy new month Loviess.
Glory to God. He’s so so so good!
Here’s last month’s highlight.
My major self development goal for August was to honor and hold my friends in high esteem.
There’s a way I’d love people to treat me; to hold me in high esteem and respect me while relating with me.
When I evaluated, I figured I didn’t enjoy how lackadaisical I was in treating my friends and vice versa. Don’t get me wrong, I have really amazing friends and wouldn’t trade them for anything.
Thing is (speaking for myself), I allowed familiarity ‘take over’, I noticed I used to treat them less than I’d treat someone I don’t know.
For example, I’d be consciously polite when I’m talking to a random person, but it isn’t like that with my close friends….not that I don’t like them or something, but I wasn’t just as intentional as I’d be with a random person.
Yeah!!! So, that was my goal and it went absolutely well and it also helped our friendship.

Verse of the month: 1 Peter 3:15
Song of the month: So will i -Hillsong
Quote of the month: Nothing works until you work it.
Book of the month: None.
Major Lesson: You can’t just sit and wait for your dreams to fall on your laps. You’d have to Intentionally strive for them.
Major event: None.
Favorite picture:

Nothing works until you work it; work hard and smart.

What did you do last month?
Kindly share your lessons in the comment box.
For now,
Stay Shinny.
With Unconditional Love,
Mariam ❤

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