Hey October, Bye September.

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September was a roller-coaster for me; filled with peace of mind, then, letting myself over think the stress I’m getting from assignments.
Generally, September was an awesome month; prayed more, studied more, fellow shipped more, invested in myself, bought a domain name, saved more etc.
As for how fast it went, I feel like I closed my eyes for a quick nap and I already have to write its highlight. It’s awesome! All the amazing dates in my life are packed in December.
Meanwhile, sign up to my SAFEPLACE (Inner circle) by subscribing to this blog, so I would be able to send messages directly to you; I have a lot of things I want to tell you all..Updates and all!


You remember I had a goal for this month. I was going to be more consistent with the online devotion I told you about. To be more specific, I said I was going to connect online for devotion morning and night, everyday! I did really well, but after a while, it became hard to get up by 6:30am. It was way easier to join 8:00pm prayers. i couldn’t connect a couple of times but good news!! I didn’t remain there. I had to look for other means to be up by 6:30am and I slayed it.
Even poor connection could not steal my shine!
Last month, I spent a lotttt of time online searching for the best sewing machine to buy (Yeahhh, I love clothes and I’m tired of buying them)

Also, I forgave in advance. I didn’t expect apologies and I truly forgave and let it go!

There were extremes situations where I had to talk to the person afterwards and guess what? It was way easier to settle those misunderstandings because I was no longer pissed.

One big lesson I learnt about forgiveness is that, sometimes, you say you’ve forgiven, but when next it crosses your mind, you get upset all over again. That’s absolutely fine. Until you stop feeling emotions of anger, Keep on forgiving every time you remember.

Will it be easy? Not exactly! But Hey!!, It is possible to give the forgiveness we freely received.


 FAVORITE SONG – This my hands by Jahdiel.
Apart from the beautiful lyrics, this song was on repeat for a good number of weeks because they sound so much like my church choir, outburst.

 BIG DISCOVERY 1 – I know I love the look of good food but take my advice, Don’t watch BBCfood if you don’t want to have an extra passion. I’m now a foodieee!! I’m going to be a chef.

 BIG DISCOVERY 2- Talk is cheap, Actions screams louder.

 FFT- You are absolutely responsible for the outcome of your life.

 FAVORITE SERMON – Live by faith by Pst Iren

 AFFIRMATION- God is good. He is always good. Nothing bad comes from him.

 Still LEARNING TO- Use the time I spend worrying, to pray.

God’s Masterpiece

What did you do last month?

Kindly share your lessons in the comment box.

For now,

Stay Shinny.

With Unconditional Love,
Mariam ❤

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  1. I mostly grew in intimacy with the Holy Spirit. I came face to face with the joy of the Gospel and when faced with grief, the Gospel triumphed. The “actions scream louder” part hit me. About to listen to “live by faith”Thank you for your blog and congrats on the domain, sis❤.

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