Hey August…Bye July!

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Happy new month Loviess.
It’s all thanks to God, that we are alive today.
This year has been quite chaotic for some….We pray that the lord comforts all who lost someone in the cause of this year, Amen.
I created a new category on this blog; HIGHLIGHTS. The purpose is to share lessons from the previous month.
I hope you find it useful.
Here’s last month’s highlight.
My major self development goal for July was to be truly fearless.
I used to admire my bestfriend; nothing disturbs him🙅. At first, I thought it was just an attitude, as time went by, I said to myself that, fake or real, I wanted to be fearless; undisturbed, etc.
I know my life is hid in christ; I’m kept by him; God is looking out for me and all of those, but I still had some fears, I’m not going to tell you cause 😂😂😂😂
Long story short, the ‘cure’ to a lot of things we Christians face, is growth. Spending time consciously being transformed by the word.
For example, I know my life is hid in christ, but i would still get tensed when I think of how ‘not so good’, things might turn later on…Like, what if this goes wrong, or what if it doesn’t work out…funny right?
I first started off faking being fearless, but as time went by..till now, I’m more certain of everything than I was before. I’ve also learnt to focus on what’s most important in my life and not disturb myself over carnal things.

All I did was spend time praying and studying the bible; conforming my mind to everything my spirit already knew.

Also, really, the cause of fear, most times, is lack of adequate preparations. If you’ve done what needs to be done, you’ll be at peace.

So, Pray, Work, Pray.

Verse of the month: John 3:16 (God so loved the world, he sent his only son to die for us, if we believe, we shall not die, but we’ll live forever).
Song of the month: Christ is the reason by Jo deep
Quote of the month: Don’t feel bad when you move on from toxic things/ people.
Book of the month: Who moved my cheese (I’ll show you the review i did on this soon).
Major Lesson: You don’t have to explain your actions to everyone wondering; it’ll wear you out. Live your life to the glory of God and stay happy. The quickest way to loose your mind is by trying to please everyone.
Major event: I represented my Foundation at an orphanage; it was aurrrsomeee.
Favorite picture:

Living means to live for Christ; dying is even better.

What did you do last month?
Kindly share your lessons in the comment box.
Also, I’ve been unable to get the 3rd Sunday’s audio sermons. Please keep your eyes Here, for more info.
For now,
Stay Shinny.
With Unconditional Love,
Mariam ❤

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