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Hi all…Finally, the most anticipated part!
I can boldly say I’m a good bible student; even for the passages I’ve not studied, If I’m asked about it, i can open it with courage and do a proper study and eventually interpret it correctly!!
This is what I’m seeking to do; that wrong doctrine would not be mentioned among us.
In the previous posts, you’ve seen all the wrong things and approaches people have towards bible study.
Now, let’s dig in to what exactly to do.

First of, take note of these:

1.) You need a bible teacher.
If you are a new believer, you should join a good church and have a good bible teacher to whom you will be accountable to.
2.) Know that bible study takes patience, hard work and diligence.
Just the same way you go from step to step in school; you go from step to step in bible study.
Bible knowledge takes time and it isn’t something that you can be impacted with.

3.) The bible isn’t void of common sense.
4.) The bible was written for your understanding.
5.) Biblical interpretation is not created, it is discovered.
6.) In the interpretation of the Old Testament, you have to rely on the substances revealed in the New Testament. It is from there that you can understand the information concealed in the New Testament.

1.) OBSERVATIONS: What exactly does this passage say?
2.) Interpretations: What is the concept of the passage?
3.) Correlations: If we say the bible is a Christocentric book, what is the place of this text in the Christocentric nature of this text?
4.) Application: How does this speak to me? How does this affect me?

Who- Who wrote it. Understanding who wrote what you are reading will definitely help you understand the idea and insight to what the person was saying and possible meanings.
What- What exactly is this person saying? What is the common sense here?
Where and When- Where did this person write this? When was this written? What was the condition of things then? This would help you overcome a lot, including helping you understand the cultural context.
Why- Why was this written? To address an issue? To admonish? To advice or encourage? To inform?
To whom- Who was this for? Jews? Gentile? Unbelievers? A little bit of all? Getting a hold of this would help you avoid over generalization.

    Do you know any more useful tips? I’d love to put them to test, Please drop them in the comment section.

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    p.s. Most of the things here, i learnt from my Pastor, Pastor Emmanuel Iren and a book; Guide to profitable bible study by Daniel Babalola.

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