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I initially thought this was going to be the second to the last post, but there are actually three more posts. Those three would focus solely on the principles I’ve been talking about.
Meanwhile, I highlighted some of the barriers that might cause misinterpretations and/or misunderstanding.
These barriers can definitely be conquered. I promise, at the end of these post series, you’d look forward to bible study and open the book with so much confidence. And even when you are asked question concerning texts or topics you’ve not properly studied, you’ll still be confident because you are sure it’s not the biggest deal.
Happy Winning!

The bible was written in three languages; Greek, Hebrew and Aramic. It was later transliterated to the KJV language.
What we have now, is a transliteration of the original text. The bible guys never spoke English.
Examine John 3:16.
For God SO loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, whosoever believes, will not perish but have everlasting life.
Most people misstate the SO for the intensity of God’s love. Make no mistake; God actually loves us so much. The SO there wasn’t talking about intensity but demonstration.
So, if it was written today, it would be written as God demonstrated his love by dying, whoever believes will never die, but live forever.
This is even a good example. Language use might cause a lot of misinterpretation.
You must understand the language as used in context (because then, there were not many words, so one thing might mean a lot of things. You have to figure out the meaning by the context used) and transliterate it in your language. Newer translations would help you more.

You have to learn to spot figures of speech, unless, you’ll be very lost.
Some Examples: SIMILE- Comparing two closely related characteristics, using as and like.
Behold I send you forth AS sheeps in the midst of wolves (Matthew 10: 16)
This doesn’t mean you should be an animal; it just highlights the calm characteristics of both animals.
METAPHOR- A Direct comparison between two unrelated or closely related things.
I am the door (John 10:9). This doesn’t mean you should serve doors or something; it just means Jesus is the only access. Access to what? Salvation.
Even Jesus referring to Peter, saying ‘Get behind me Satan’ is a figure of speech called HYPOCATASTASIS.
Help yourself okay? Remember, the bible is not essentially a spiritual book.
Learn to spot them.

Romans 16:16, 1Thessalonians 5:26, 1Corinthians 16:20 all talks about kissing your friends/brothers with a holy kiss.
Here in Nigeria, you’ll be seen as mad, if you go around kissing people because you read it in the bible.
Understand the underlining principle each text talks about and apply them.
A word might mean different things in different context.
Use several versions to study pretext, post text and other texts, to get the first text.

    Even concerning the natural aspects of your life; God is interested.

Hi Fam, I really hope you’ve learnt something today?
Kindly contact me, if you need further explanations concerning anything.
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I’ll take stock of last month and post it sometime this week and the other parts of this post continues next Thursday.

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p.s. Most of the things here, i learnt from my Pastor, Pastor Emmanuel Iren and a book; Guide to profitable bible study by Daniel Babalola.

For now,
Stay Shinny.
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