HERMENEUTICS; Winning In Bible Study.

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The major challenge i had When i first decided to take Christianity seriously, was bible study.
It was really a huge struggle for me. Many times, i gave up!
Thank God for good bible scholars like Pastor Iren who is able to properly interpret scriptures and teach others to do so.


It is possible to understand and properly divide the bible. In fact, the information contained in the bible were written to people and those people understood perfectly, the idea of the writer.
Even the seemingly ‘mysteries’ or ‘deep things’ were explained in the new testament.
Now, times have changed; cultures evolved; languages changed or forgotten and if one is not careful, we’ll take the words of the bible for what it is not. It is very important that we consider a whole of things that I’ll discuss in this post and subsequent ones.

First of, for an effective bible study, you must drop some things you’ve been doing.

1.) Misconceptions.
Some of the misconceptions are:
A.) The bible is a multipurposed book.
The bible does not teach you to excel in your job or how to save, neither does it teach you principles.
No! The bible has a central theme; Christ!
The bible is Christocentric.
The bible contains; prophecies about him, Practices which were a shadow of what he’d do, His birth, His life, His death, His Ascension, The effect of his works and his second coming!
You might not be able to conclude the theme of the bible from reading a text, but reading and understanding ALL scriptures, you’d see that it’s all about Jesus.

B.) Bible study is for the Pastors alone.
Unlike before when only the priests had access to the scriptures, We now have access to it, through the hard work, sweat, tears and even death of some people.
Then, they had to take whatever the priests told them the bible said but now we have access to it, so we too should study it for ourselves.

C.) The bible is too hard to understand.
There’s a way to read the bible.
There are rules to follow.
Scholars have come up with principles on how to study the bible.
People wrote the bible and you don’t necessarily need divine interventions to interpret it.
The bible is not a book that cannot be understood logically.
There are no secrets in the bible; it is easy enough for you to understand.
Start by getting a good bible teacher.

D.) The bible is purely spiritual or purely a book of literature.
Extremes at both ends are wrong.
The bible is not essentially a book of literature; there are spiritual realities and when the human mind understands, the holy spirit makes it real to us. That is when you begin to live the realities of scriptures. People refer to it as heart knowledge.
On the other end, not everything in the bible is beyond what you read.
You can pick some lessons that aren’t spiritual FROM HOW PEOPLE LIVE THEIR LIVES. For example, Solomon, the greatest king that had lived advised that people invest their money.
Critically analyzing him, you can understand how he lived, got and spent his money; nothing deep there.

You can’t have a doctrine, then, come to the bible to get verses to sustain it.
It is easy to misinterpret scriptures and when you already have something in mind, a lot of verses ‘ll seem to validate your opinion.
The bible is a place to firstly, obtain doctrine, not one to sustain them..
You must have your heart open, to learn, unlearn and relearn.

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