It’s March already!!! Yayyyy!!!

I remember screaming ‘happy new year’, like it was 2 hours ago.

Like!!!!who increased the speed of time!? please reduce it😢 I still have a lot to do!!

This year, I’ve been so overwhelmed with activities, and I’ve had to stop so many times and check myself, because busy does not equals fruitful or productive.

In fact, I would say that that has been my biggest lesson lately.

I recently heard someone say ‘if you can’t handle all your activities and have room for more, you’re weak. ‘ Well, I’m envious of them and their ability to balance! Because, what’s the point of struggling with lots of activities and still accept more? when you can be excellent at a few?

I’m not shy about dropping responsibility and saying No! to taking on more. 

It’s okay to say No! especially to impromptu activities. And, maybe you have so many things of your plate, I tell you, IT’S OKAY TO DROP IT!

If I do say so myself, it’s important to sometimes reject opportunities, good ones at that.

So, yeahhh, that’s what on my mind. 
Tell me what you think?

I have some goodnesses for you!

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  • I would love you to have two of the books I have read this year. The first, SAVING GRACE by Pastor Emmanuel Iren, talks about almost all the questions you could ever have, concerning salvation. The second, FINDING MIRIAM, is a Christian romance novel by Pastor Laju Iren that tells the story of the gospel, in a relatable way. Click those links for more.
    I’ve read them and I recommend!

I hope your February went well. What did you learn? Please share in the comment section. Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe.

Love Always,


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