Career, Purpose & Stuff.

Have you ever been worried or pressed about the unlimited number of things you could be doing for a living cause? Well, same.
I have some encouragement for you.

1.) You can do a job you don’t like.
If you don’t enjoy your job, you shouldn’t be doing it, they say. What if you enjoy the money it’s bringing? And what if that money can do great things and sponsor your purpose?
Plus, You might not ‘love’ your job but do you know that that job you started off not liking can open doors for you? You can grow in that job and it would eventually become the love of your life.
Don’t press yourself.
Let’s not forget the essence of life please. Money, Career game, etc, isn’t your all in all.

2.) Life isn’t a sprint race, it’s a marathon.
It’s better to make slow progress leading somewhere than rush nowhere!
There’s an unsaid urgency you don’t need to be part of.
Enjoy the beauty of process. Stay in it, Enjoy the journey of discovery.
Be jack of all trades until one works or you are able to make a decision.

One day at a time, step by step.
Life is a marathon, not a sprint race.

3.) What’s most important to you?
Career is Career, Purpose is purpose. They are two entirely different things.
Career brings money and purpose is your essence of living.
The thing about purpose is that it’s not yours to decide.
A tailor, before making a piece decides the purpose it’s going to serve.
Imagine after making a skirt, the tailor then asks, ‘how do you want to be used. Would you like to be worn at the top or bottom? ‘
So it is with us. You’re here on earth for a reason that your creator also determined.
And the Bible tells us what our purpose is in 2 Corinthians 5:15;
‘He died for everyone so that those who receive his new life will no longer live for themselves. Instead, they will live for Christ, who died and was raised for them.
(Also see Colossians 1:16. 1 Peter 2:9)
So the all in all of your life; your purpose – is to know Christ and to make him known, doing it joyfully.
When you come to head & heart knowledge of this, you’d be able to keep your head in the game when the things of the world go wrong and even right!
You’d be able to align your desires in a way that matches or meets up to the reason for your being.
It’s such sweet fulfillment, I tell you!
The privilege to live life with the most important thing taken care of (Eternal life) and not kill yourself over things that end with this world.

In conclusion,
I’d say being conscious of what should be most important to you would save you a lot of headaches.
By all means, whatever your hands find to do, do them well; read books, have sleepless nights pursuing your craft and stuff, but when it all comes down to it; as a wise man once said ‘Purpose is the one thing you were created to do and if you fail at it, every other success is meaningless’, I agree.

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  1. Miss Mariam, I know this is late but thank you so much for this article. This article helped with a quick detoxifying.

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